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GSC’ Gold Class

I remember watching National Treasure with Ain during 2004 at Warta. FYI, Warta is a old complex in Kajang that doesnt have much customers. I can still recall, the show had oni 4 ppl. It made us feel as if we booked the whole cinema.

Not so lucky now…. and that is why, I went to GSC to catch one of my long awaited movie – National Tresure – Books of Secrets.

If you’re a regular visitor of themamakcorner, you probably realise I never write reviews on movie. And this time, is no exception. I’m just posting this to write about the Gold Class offered by GSC.

gold class movie @ Rm40 each

For Gold Class, customers no longer have to wait and stand out at the cinema. They have a comfy lounge where Gold Class customers can sit, relax and order drinks.

the lounge

Oh, and btw, their toilets are cleaner and advanced. It’s never decent to post picture of toilet, so I decided not to do so.

Seats in the cinema can be reclined to an almost sleeping position with a beverage table at the side. Impressive!! But I must say Rm40 for a ticket is …. expensive. Of cos, when u pay that much, u’ll get a classy treat. When u feel cool, u can alwiz demand for a blanket.

I sat at the most far rows and the chairs are quite near to each other. There was this sucker, keep kicking his chair that I had to give him a mean glare just to make him stop doing that!! sooooo annoying!


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My Xmas Dinner @ Chef n Brew

Went t Chef n Brew again for my 2007 xmas dinner.

I remember posting blog on Chef n Brew before. You can find at this at link.

free bun for visitors

snap for fun

spagettie seafood

seafood platter

lamb shank

sizzling lamb chop

sizzling lamb chop


I gave my sis a surprise when I came out with a present for her. And it’s a NOT cheap 1. Have to eat bread for the next coming months…. Hehe

my sis posing wit the present i gave

presents for luan n jane

jane n steph

my dear & i

me & my sis



La Gourmet @ The Curve

Saturday night, and I’m at home , updating blog. Weekend has been good. Spent most of my time at home, rest, read some documents, went for squash down the condo and also watched tv.

Went to curve again this afternoon for lunch… and today was @ La Gourmet.

La Gourmet @ Curve
It was raining during the day, and I feel good when it rains. I love to hang out at Curve, watching people walk by. So so relaxing…..

And under such weather, it is always the best time to order a cup of hot drink.

cappuccino italiano @ RM7

Ordered one of their signatures, the smoked duck pasta. It was made out of pasta (of cos), duck meats and plenty of olive oil with spices that only the chef himself knows the name.

I remember having the same kinda dish @ Indulgence Ipoh year back. But too bad, they are not selling this anymore in Indulgence. This dish, although tasted salty, is still delicious. Not sure whether you’ll taste the same but I’m sure a duck meat lover.

smoked duck pasta @ RM21.80

And we ordered a hot mushroom salad, which was nice… both in the appearance and taste.

hot mushroom salad


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What is wrong with Britney’s Gimme More?

Edison gave me few links that really rocks my day!

Here’s another :

After watching these videos, I asked myself… what’s wrong with Britney’s Gimme More?


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Shark Fin Mee Sua @ Teo Chew Meng Restaurant

Just got back from normal dinner, and it wasn’t a cheap one. Went to Teo Chew Meng Restaurant at PJ to try their signature Shark Fin Mee Sua.

teo chew meng restaurant @ PJ

You must be wondering, nothing special about shark fin with mee as you’ve probably tried the same dish at Ming Tin, Tmn Megah.

But this one, they serve real shark fin! Not only that, you can also find seafoods like fish maw, crab meat stick, fresh prawns in the noodle!

shark fin mee sua @ Rm10 per pax

shark fin mee sua @ Rm10 per pax

I forgot to bring my camera and in order to take pictures of the food, I used Sony Ericson K750i. And due to this reason, you might not be able to see shark fin in the mee. I google-ed and found a nice picture of it from sashablablabla. This is actually how it looks like…

courtesy from sashablablabla

There are also other side orders. I had seafood rolls and steamed lettuce.

seafood roll @ RM10

steamed lettuce @ RM10

Other than their shark fin mee sua, they also recommended their signature dessert – the yam paste with gingko.

teo chew yam paste with gingko @ RM3.50


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Christmas Decorations

Took pictures when I went shopping around town.

Here are a few I managed to snap:







I can hardly wait for xmas to arrive. Eww, though, I still haven’t decide what or where to go on Christmas!


My Weekend @ Cafe 7

Fully utilized my weekend. Went for bufday dinner yesterday night at Curve, and today, I spent my night hanging out with my brothers, Janz & Phangz.

They came to fetch me from my home around 11pm, and we went over to LaLa Chong for salted-egg crabs. What a heavy supper!

It’s kinda tiring to be an author of a so-called food blog. Everything after I posted new places, they’ll drag me along. So, it’s like eating the same thing twice a month. But it’s okay, cos hanging out with frens are alwiz fun.

Anyway, didnt take any pictures of us @ LaLa Chong.. mainly because I’ve already posted review on it. And its not decent to post pictures of us having crabs! Have to take care of own image… LOL

With full stomaches, we went over to Cafe 7 @ Subang.

We used to hang out alot(at least 3 times a week) at Cafe 7 (previously Club 7) during my 1st and 2nd year in university.

Come to think bout it, we wasted alot on tolls and petrols!

Somehow, it used to be a very happenning place for students around the area. Not anymore now, but we still love that place.

Cafe 7

Why? Cos we can play pool, while listen to some R&B songs.

pool tables

pool table

snap for fun

And if you’re football fan, you can hang out at their lounge while watching those EPL games being played on the big projector screen.

for football fanatics

Or if you’re in the mood for a drink, you can alwiz order beers, juices, or even liquor from their menu. Btw, they do offer foods as well.

the bar corner

snap for fun

Here are a few pictures I took tonight. Look at my fren posing for the camera…

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