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Proton ad? Ghost movie?

My friend send me this link earlier….

Proton ad? or ghost movie?

You decide…



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Patients = Customers

“Do you need a MC for today?” Dr. X asked.

Of cos, there is nothing special with that question UNLESS the question was threw at you the moment you walk in to a clinic.

This was what happened…

Days ago, I went to a clinic near Kelana Jaya due to my sickness. I walked in to the consultant room when my name was being called. The moment I saw Dr. X, she asked me a silly question which I wrote as the starting point for this post. “Huh?” I responded.

She then asked me what sickness I had.. I told her and all she said was “Okie”, indicating that the medical session is done. I gave her a glare, a mean one. Only then she told me to lie down where she checked my tummy.

When it was done, I walked out the door.. I would say, everything happened in less than 2mins.

To tell you the truth, I was really annoyed with her-so-not-professional attitude. I’ve always respect people with the “DR” tittle but now, I think “IF YOU WANT MY RESPECT, YOU GOTTO EARN IT”. Come to think of it, I paid rm60 for a few tablets of medicine (which I could just pay rm4 for Panadol). We are not only patients, but we are also customers. We deserve a better service!


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Shook Fun’s Bufday @ Dave’s Deli

This week is gonna be a busy one.

Dinners pilling up, starting from Monday where I celebrated Shook Fun’s bufday…

We went for dinner at nearby Dave’s Deli and these are some of the pictures we took.

Shook Fun & Shek Lee

Me & Si Fu

3 of us with the present we gave for Shook Fun


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The Year Of Jacky Cheung World Tour 07 – Malaysia

One of the “Heavenly King”, Jacky Cheung, was in town to held his “The Year Of Jacky Cheung World Tour 07” concert.

Before this, he has stopped around the world to perform; places like the Colosseum at Caesars Palace (Las Vegas), Toronto, Atlantic City, different parts of China, Tokyo, Singapore etc.

Was almost late for the concert as the traffic was bad and there were difficulties to get a parking at Bukit Jalil. Anyhow, managed to make it on time.. although I had to miss my dinner.

More than 30k of fans showed at Bukit Jalil yesterday. And like every other concerts, the crowds cheered and clapped along through out the whole concert. I sat very far away from the stage and only managed to snap pictures of the stage, instead of snapping Jacky himself.

Jacky Cheung performed for almost 4 hours, singing his famous songs where the crowds sang along with him. Too bad I haven’t “memorize” his songs but I definately had a great time listenning and watching his performance.

He also showcased a short musical where he combined Snow.Wold.Lake and Perhaps Love songs.

Superb, simply mezmerising!


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