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Chef Loong (龙师傅) @ ss2

Am catching one of the TVB drama series, Au Revoir Shanghai starring Michael Miu, Bosco Wong etc.

If you have watched that series before, you’ll know that other that the whole “villain” and “cops” story, it’s also about making xiao long bao.

So, I went to Chef Loong (龙师傅) @ ss2 yesterday night after work to “ease” my quest for xiao long bao.

the druken wine xiao long bao & the signature Chef Loong xiao long bao

Shanghai xiao long bao is made from a little translucent flour skin, filled with steam pork with a bit of soup in it.

If you think that Chef Loong only offers xiao long bao, you’re dead wrong!

I tried their signature mee and it’s yummy-licious!

signature mee

Due to my poor skill in taking pictures, you probably don’t see any special with that mee. But it’s actually TRANSPARENT!

chicken floss fried rice

peanut dessert

black sesame dessert

Definately satisfy with the visit. Foods are at affordable prices ( xiao long bao @ RM6,

desserts from Rm2, porridge @ Rm3.50, fried rice etc @ Rm6++) and services are good.

Been to Dragon-I @ One Utama, I personally prefer Chef Loong.


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Khun’s Bufday Celebration @ Wong Kok

Today, went to nearby Wong Kok branch @ SS2 with a few friends of mine to celebrate Eng Khun’s 24th Bufday.

wong kok @ ss2

We never liked Wong Kok. Varieties to choose, but none of them capture my heart.

xo fried rice

french-style fried rice

tomato fried chicken rice

sweet pork with rice

reb bean with sago

blue wave

“fo mou wong sa”

bufday cake we brought for Eng Khun

free gigantic iced tea for bufday boy

bufday boy posing with the cake

picture of him blowing candles

and delegate a few pieces to us

pictures of us

Happy Bufday Khun!!


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Upcoming Jacky Cheung World Tour 08 – Genting

Months ago, I went to Jacky concert and swore to myself that I’ll purchase VIP ticket the next time Jacky comes to KL again.

What I didn’t predict is… he’s coming again for concert this coming January 2008.

And his VIP tickets will be selling at very HIGH price!

That makes me to forget my original plan, maybe just purchase a ps1 or ps2 ticket ..

Log on to genting sit for more info.


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Apartment @ The Curve

Just got back from dinner with one of my best pal (Emily) at Apartment, The Curve.

For those who are familiar with The Curve, you definately know that Apartment is a place to dine, and not the “Apartment” where you can stay in.

Captured a few shots of the place. And I would say that it gives comfy feeling for customers who dine in there.

Of cos, from the name, we can guess that it offers the HOMEYYY feel.

Let’s take a look at the interior…

the outdoor

living hall

another interior concept

the view taken from 2nd floor

If u feel having dinner at living hall concept is dull, you can alwiz try to have ur dinner at the …. bathroom-toilet concept

bathroom-toilet interior

There are many more interior concepts but because I was too hungry, I couldn’t be bothered to take all those pictures!

the menu

hot mocha latte

i belief this is cheezy fish

roasted duck

The foods were “OK” but the portions were TOO small.

me posing alone

emily & I @ Apartment


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Woke up this morning feeling lazy as it was raining.

But when I looked out the window, I saw this

And I feel good!



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WaterLily @ Puchong

Another favourite dining place of mine… the WaterLily, located at Puchong.

Was first introduced by Kun Leng & CY where we celebrated CY’s bufday years ago.

waterlily @ puchong

the outdoor

snap for fun

the indoor


my fav – bali lamb

spicy nasi lemak with BBQ chicken

teh tarik served in english style

jalan-jalan cari makan sign



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themamakcorner turning to be a FOOD blog?

I’ve received alot comments lately that themamakcorner is becoming a food blog.

And YOU must be wondering why?

I guess I need to clarify the reason … and its a simple 1!

You just need to compare the two pictures below!!


When you see this picture, you’ll probably say “Wow, delicious.” or “I’m hungry.” or “This looks good.”



But when you see my picture, you’ll WON’T be saying “siewpeng looks good.” or “She’s delicious.”

You ended up saying “The bacons on her plate looks yummy.”

Pork “1” – siewpeng “0” ….damn it!!

There you go…… HEHE