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Nothing is left, except for some sweet memories..

Been quite some time since I last posted in this blog space.

Since I started working, I have been staying with my sis in Shah Alam, leaving my stuff unpacked in Kajang.

Finally, my fella hausmates are moving out.

Meaning to say, it’s time for me to pack my things.

ukm students’ fav dwelling spot – Taman Tenaga

peaceful scenery


the board where i used to stick some post-on-it notes

 the living hall where me & my hausmates used to hang out

Feeling sad, I left the haus back to its origin. Leaving nothing, but some memories.

I miss Kajang so much!


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Worst chinese song of the year!

This post I’m writting sounds silly. And it’s a review of a SILLY song.

A song by the title of “兩隻戀人” (Two Lovers) / (Liang Zhi Lian Ren) by Gary Chao.

This song sounded much like our child-hood song (2 Ekor Harimau) / (Lian Zhi Lau Hu)
Lets make some lyrics comparison….

2 Ekor Harimau 兩隻戀人 (2 Lovers)
(Lian Zhi Lau Hu, Lian Zhi Lau Hu) / (2 Ekor Harimau , 2 Ekor Harimau) bla bla bla
(Pao De Kua) / (Lari Dengan Laju) bla bla bla
(Yi Zhi Mei You Yien Jing) / (Satu Tak De Mata) 一直在你身边 (Always by your side)
Yi Zhi Mei You Er Duo) / (Satu Tak De Telinga) 一直爱到永远 (Always loving till the end)
(Jeng Chi Guai) / ((Sangat WEIRD, Sangat WEIRD) 你就负责靠著我的肩 (You’re in charge of lying on my shoulder)

Sorry to say, I can’t help but to change channel everytime I hear this song playing on radio.



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A Special Gift From Bosco Wong

I got a special gift from Bosco Wong yesterday…

a photo with his real signature on it
You can check out his official website @ Bosco Wong.


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