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My Vacation @ Phuket

“I need holidays!!” , my little heart screamed.


Phuket, view from the plane

free tours information brochures


The day we reached Phuket airport, it was already 3.15pm. As I walked out the airport, there are alot of local Thais approached us, offering car rental services from tuk-tuk, taxi, van or even renting a car or motorbike.


We didn’t really worry about transportation in Phuket island. You can probably see “cars-for-rent” signs all over the places. Prices ranging from 600 bath to 1200 bath. We rented a lousy car that costed us 750 bath a day. The next day, we rented a motorbike for just 200 bath a day.

very lousy car

The petrol stations @ Phuket are different from what we have in our country..


We took a whole Free & Easy package thru AirAsia that provided us accomodation @ Best Western Phuket Ocean Hotel, inclusive breakfast for 2. Clean, facing seaview, friendly staffs, good services. And btw, breakfast was delicious.

best western phuket ocean hotel

the swimming pool at hotel

outside the room, seaview

foc shower gels etc

the restaurant

chef preparing breakfast


The hotel we rented was located at Karon beach. A very prestint place for relaxation, although I was a bit freak out to see the big waves.

tourists can relax on the chairs provided along the beach

the history keep hunting my mind

i love this pic




Located less than 20km from Karon beach, is the famous Patong beach.

So many activities to choose from… Thai or even oil massage at only 300 bath. Remember to bargain. I did so, and managed to get the massage at 250 baht per pax. If you’re lucky, you might get a massage at just 200 baht. For gals, remember to wear bikini if you wanna go for massage, cos they require you to take off your cloths.

Thai / Oil massage

manicure & pedicure


Through out my 4 days in Phuket, I met most foreigners than local Thais.

There were times I felt as if I was in western country than I was in Thai.


We went to JungCeylon, a shopping centre located at the heart of Patong town. Like other shopping centres we can find, it offers shops that sell cloths, shoes etc. Not forgetting fast food shops, cafe and pubs.


Me & My dear @ JungCeylon

water fountain

absolute ceylon pub

I love this part. I was walking in JungCeylon and I saw a facial treatment promotion. 359 bath including facial treatment and 45 mins massage. So worth! That made up two times massage in a day!


If you don’t like modern shopping mall, you can walk around town and will find alot shops selling cloths at cheaper price.

Patong Top

from Dior to LV


Beers are cheap in Phuket, selling from 20 bath onwards.

We couldn’t resist trying out seafood @ Phuket.

fresh seafood

prawns larger than the size of a palm

fresh oyster

that’s me waiting for foods to be served

oyster about the size of my cam

tomyam with mussels

crabs in yellow curry

squid in lemon sauce

thai style fish

prawns with onions

our meal @ 1200 bath!

We even tried out some local delicacies.

thai seafood fried rice

pineapple fried rice

forgot the name but I love this the most


Unlucky. Raining season. I was forced to wear rain-coat….

looked so silly in that 30 bath raincoat


Influenced by movies, I wanted to go for some muay thai boxing or at least a THAI GIRL (not TIGER) show.

muay thai boxing @ 1200 baht

It was very happening at nite @ Patong town. We found pubs ( more than 50) along the road.

A lady approached us with a paper on her hand, saying “cheap cheap show”. I looked at the paper, it was a list of shows to pick from. Thai Girl Show, Lesbian Show, Sexy Show, Tiger Show, Crawling Show, Slicking Show, Cat Show and other weird names. 300 bath, worth trying. So we followed her into a pub. As I entered the pub, I couldn’t even open my eyes. Too smoky. As soon as my vision got better, the only thing I saw was….. 12 girls wearing bikini dancing on stage, each of them holding poles. My 1st reaction was…. ran out.

If you ask me, yes… I regret I didn’t stay for that show.


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World Badminton Championship 2007

I remember watching Thomas Cup years ago telecasted live from TV with both my housemates, Nabil and Jan. We screamed our lungs out and at that moment, I made a vow to myself that, if by any chance, I would want to be there to watch a live badminton match.

Since I was on long vacation, I made a trip to watch the Round 2 matches of World Championships @Putra Stadium.

We got ourselves ticket at rm18 each. Cheap, worth for a whole day.

Soon, we went over a KFC meals-on-wheel and brought some chickens to eat inside the hall. Yes, they allow us to do so. Don’t you think it’s a bit weird to lick our fingers while watching a world prestige game show?

KFC meals-on-wheel

Proton car show outside the stadium

Stalls selling badminton goods at the foyer

the VIP seats

the press doing reviews

the Denmark supporters sat right behind me

taufik, he’s adorable!

Taufik lost the game. But he was cool with it. He threw his racquet towards the spectators as “gift”. Even till today, I still hope that I was lucky enuf to grab it.

the two nothing-to-do person


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Why Do I Feel So Insecure?

Just days after the news of a UTAR student being murdered shocked the whole Malaysian community, another crime appeared.

Today, while I was busy at work, my friend sent me an url, asking me to read it and if I could guess who the victim was…

Just in case you are a person who not really update yourself with latest news, here’s the link.
Singer robbed and sodomised by group of men in Klang

All these while, we thought that only girls are in the stake of danger. Now, think twice?

Where else can we hide? It’s not like we are 100% safe although we stay at home all the time.

Just a kind reminder to all my friends who are reading this.

Beware, becareful all the time.

I don’t think the authorities will be able to curb this issue in short duration.

Here are a few precautions which I personally think, are useful

(5) CAR

The 1st thing when you get on your car, lock it!

Always make sure the surrounding is safe before you get out from/ get into your car.

Prepare your key even before you reach your car. In case of emergency, you can always alarm the public by pressing the car alarm key button. (s**t, my car doesn’t even have an alarm)

(4) HP

Use cheaper HP like 3310.

Always make sure your HP has credits.

Switch to DiGi for better savings.

(3) Bag

Avoid using sling or hand bags.

Use paper bags.

(2) Laptop

Beware when you carry laptops to work, vice versa.

If you work till late, lock your laptop at office’s drawer.

(1) Personal

Never go out till late at night.


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Laundry Bar – My 24th Bufday Celebration (VI)

Saturday, weekend, went to PC Fair for the 1st time in my life.

One word….. tired!

At night, went to have bufday dinner with some of my best friends at Laundry Bar @ The Curve. Located at the end of the street, facing right in front of Cineleisure, it’s definately a happening place to hang out with pals. You can enjoy good meals, have a few bottles of beer or even liquors while listenning to some hip R&B songs. I belief its one of the hippest place in town.

the menu

that’s me with my signature pose


Me & Jan

Long lost fren & Me

strawberry and tropical fruits smooties

steamed rice with white wine and seafood

seafood pasta

Lipzz brought me 3 presents. He said the 1st one will be able to erase my bad memories, 2nd is to note down my happy memories and the 3rd present is needed when I have the 1st and 2nd thingy.

Let’s see what’s the 1st present. The one that will able to erase my memory?

eraser? …… okie, at least its a branded 1

The 2nd to note down my good memories?

a pen

It’s getting more like I’m still a student. I left school for more than a year now!!!

The 3rd one is needed for 1st and 2nd thingy?

a pencil case

I made a lame joke, saying that the worst memory I had is knowing him as my fren.

big boys had beers, little girl (me) had diet coke

Thanx guys for the nite!!!!! Thanx, Thanx, Thanx


Noodles Village – Pan Mee in SoyaBean

What is so special about this restaurant that I’m spending my time writting reviews on it?

Went to Bandar Puteri Puchong weeks back with Angela & Yoke Eng. Too many cafes and restautant at Bandar Puteri Puchong but we finally picked to have lunch at Noodle Village as it was recommended by “HoChak” before.

Imagine “Pan Mee” + SoyaBean = ???

But it wasn’t as bad as you can imagine. The combination was somehow, delicious.

their signature dish

pan mee in tom yam

pan mee in curry

Clean, special, not expensive, big portion.

I felt my skin became smooth right after I had their signature “Pan Mee”.

Worth trying…

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My 24th Bufday Celebration (IV)

Surprise , surprise. My bufday celebrations this year are full of surprises.

Being an anti-social in the company, I never expect any of my colleagues to remember my bufday.

They brought a cake, sang “Happy Bufday” song to me. It was touching.

Thanx alot guys. Thanx for the cake. Thanx for the celebration.

I appreatiate it very much!


KL Tower – Reflection Of KL City – My 24th Bufday Celebration (V)

A day before my bufday, my dear told me not to wear short skirts and sandals to work the next day.

So, I was guessing…. Which place in KL does not allow you to wear those?

Yes, it’s KL TOWER!

the reservation tickets

After 2 hours of jam from Klang Valley to KL, we finally reached KL Tower at 8.30pm.

kl tower, malaysia

As I entered the revolving restaurant, I felt sleepy. The environment was comfortable with dim light and chilling air.

and they had live music, which dedicate soft and romantic musics

Lucky us, we managed to get a table with nice number, and it was by the window!

Thus, we were able to enjoy the night scene of KL.

the KLCC from KL tower

Okie, we arrived late at KL Tower. Let’s not waste time and start filling our stomaches. The buffet consisted 3 parts, the local, the western and dessert. Being a typical Malaysia, I can’t help but to start off my dinner with local foods. Lets take a peep what they offered.




What? white rice?




and telur masin?

HUh? Please don’t tell me we paid RM130++ per pax for white rice and telur masin!!

Of cos, NOT. There were alot more choices to pick from at the local “stand”.

very creative decoration of placing “ulams” on congkak

Alright, done with local. We then proceed to the western section. The dishes looked much much better except for this..

a whole lamb hung with its stomache cut. They did not hang the lamb for you to eat the meat, but for you to try the baked rice in it. Sorry, so-not my appetite.

wow, big prawns

fresh oysters


Done with main course, it’s time for desserts. The desserts were cute and creative.

even the fruits were fresh

More surprises, a present from my dear…

Thanx dear for the splendid night!