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Update #1

Been working and rushing for projects, today I finally made the decision to steal(i hope my boss won’t be reading this) some time to rest. So, I worked till 7sumthing, went out for dinner at LaLa Chong with my dearest pal, Jor Yin. And right after the dinner, we went over to Friendster cafe for coffee.

Almost forgot that it was Siau Yim’s bufday days ago, sent her a belated bufday wish… hoping that she will not be angry for the delay. But seriously, I’m too tired these days.

I’ve totally disconnected from the world; I don’t know who’s in the new cabinet, I didn’t log on to friendster for long durations, rejected all dinners, became such a passive person. Even when I reached home, I sat in front of PC that my sister is so worried of me being such a nerd.

Anyway, it feels good to be at home. It’s good to lay back at the living room, watch tv and take a peep outside the condo. Nice view, I took a few pictures of it.

Feel soooooo relaxing, praying that the projects will end soon. Cos I’m exhausted, I wish I could have more time for my friends. To my friends, I’m sooo sorry that I have to postpone all the dinners…

Anyhow, still need to hold on. I don’t want to whine cos I belief everyone is also busy with work. So, just get with it. I can’t wait for to see the results of the projects…and seriously, I love Java! wkakkakaa


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Updated – Chef Loong (龙师傅) @ ss2

Went back to Chef Loong at SS2 and this time, tried some other dishes.

Previously I’ve posted on Chef Loong before. You can track back the post by clicking HERE.

the signature Chef Loong xiao long bao @ RM6

pan-fried dumpling @ RM 4.20

Next is the special chee cheong fun. Why special? It’s not the ordinary one, as there’s another crispy layer underneath. Worth trying…

chee cheong fun in crispy flour @ RM4.50

Apart of Siu Loong Pau and also their signature fried mee (which was made out of flour sheets), I found another “must have” at Chef Loong. It’s the HongKong bun, made out of a layer of pineapple bun. Soooo delicious but they only offer these during weekends. If you wanna try this bun, you have to go there on weekend.

hongkong bun @ RM4.50

mango sai mai lou @ RM 5.50


Are changes good or bad?

Abandoned my blog for weeks as I was & still rushing for the project.

Apart of all the busy-ness, I stil spent my weekend in Ipoh last weekend as I went back for the 12th Election.

Days before the election, I was excited as it’s my first time to decide who will be the person to rule this country. Okie, I admit I sounded abit exaggerating but I believe that every vote counts, and I didn’t want to miss my chance.

I did some “preparations” before the election day. Eg, checked my status online…..

and spent $$ buying all those canned foods and instant noodles for “the-just-in-case”.

I didn’t wake up early on the election day. Instead, I went for breakfast with my sis. Then we went to a school, which we thought is our polling station. We realised we went to the wrong polling station when the officer couldn’t find my name in her list. Silly us!

But Sekolah Kebangsaan Jalan Tasek does sound like Sekolah Kebangsaan Tasek Dermawan, agree?

Now that the oppositions won the Perak state, and they are still deciding who will be the next MB.. I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best to come.

Things are going well, but I’m abit sad. Nasty me, somewhere deep in my heart, I was hoping for … curfew. LOL

Rumours have been spreading around that they will change the entertainment rules in Perak. So, please don’t tell me I can no longer hang out at Ipoh Garden East till midnite? We voted for more freedom, not LESS! Don’t make me regret for voting….