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Late Christmas Gift

Finally, I received my christmas present from my sis.

It’s a Baby G’ sweet poison watch.

Thanks sis!!


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Bufday Present for my dearest sis

My sis went back t Ipoh last weekend, I didn’t follow because I don’t wanna take leave as I’ve been rushing for prjects. She came back yesterday, and spent the whole night following me to the police station to logged report. Didn’t have the chance to give her the bufday present which I prepared days ago.

Finally, got the chance when she arrived home from work.

Although, I’m totally not in the mood for any celebration, still need to wish my dearest sis “HAPPY BUFDAY”.

And I brought her these:

sis, if you’re reading this… it’s not cheap okie!! ahhaha, so remember to “support” my living for the coming months.

Wakakakak, just joking.


Malaysia Premiere of CJ7

Something cheered me up…

Thanks Jane and Luan for the tickets to Malaysia Premiere of CJ7.

Yea, I’ll be going to the premiere and hope to meet Stephen Chow in person!


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suddenly, the world becomes ugly

Midnite, tuesday. I’ve been lying on my bed since an hour ago, yet, my eyes are still wide open. I’m both physically and mentally tired.. I even feel my eyes soring cos I cried too much hours ago. I’m not satisfy! It wasn’t even my fault!!
I’m not too sure how or where to start with…..
After a whole day of working, my dear fetched me back home, I could still recall, it was around 9pm++.
We passed by the road in front of the condo where I saw a car, badly hit at its front and was at on top of the side divider. I told my dear, ‘Aiyo look
at da car! Was the driver drunk or what?’.
I took another glance, just to realise that it was my car! And so, I told him to stop, and ran towards to confirm. Without realising what had happened, I couldn’t help but to burst into tears. It was okie when I parked it there the day before. I looked around… nothing! The driver who hit my car didn’t even leave me a Note where as he should leave me his/her number. It was a fucking hit & run incident! I went to the guard house, and those idiots told me they don’t care anything that happen outside the condo compound. yea, give me a reason why we pay maintenance fees that cost more than hundreds a month!Just for them to becime the ‘vase’ at the guard house. Then, called my sis, and a few frens of mine. And I sat there, wondering how could someone bumped into my car that was nicely parked? He must be either blind or drunk! My car was bumped till it was moved at least 1metre away, up to the divider. My dear called tow which then costed me RM120. My sis then came home.
We called around, asking opinions from those who had accidents before… Truly thank to my frens and family who have consoled me. And thanks to some idiots for making it worse. When you feel your life is already miserable, yet there is such jerk who didn’t even help, and still want to take you for granted. To this particular person, I sympathy you for being such a jerk, more over, I sympathy your gf for having such fucker bf.
Oops, back to the story. Finally, I found some oieces from the car plates. Thank you Pxx for giving me anither reason to hate penangese. I went to police station, logged report. I found that the driver did logged report too. And until now, he didn’t make the effort to contact me. Instead, I have to go around look for him as if I owe him. Damn it!

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Uncle Lim’s Kopitiam @ Subang Parade

I love coffee, and whenever I’m tired of walking around shopping centres, I’ll drop by cafes or Starbucks for a nice cup of coffee. One of my fav is Uncle Lim’s Kopitiam @ Subang Parade.

Uncle Lim’s Kopitiam @ Subang Parade

Somehow, I just love the roti bakar at Uncle Lim’s. Reason being is because it’s special, and different from any other roti bakar you can find at other kopitiams.

preparing roti bakar

If you realise, they use conventional charcoal to burn the bread instead of using the modern toaster. And when it arrive on your table, you can see the kaya and butter melt out from the roti bakar. YummY!!

roti bakar

curry puff

a nice cup of hot coffee served in ancient cup

Uncle Lim’s Kopitiam

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Nyonya Kitchen @ Plaza Shah Alam

Went to Teow Chew Meng again for Shark Fin Mee Sin for lunch with my sis and my dear, and for dinner, my sis brought me to try something new… Nyonya cruisine @ Nyonya Kitchen.

Nyonya Kicthen has branches around Klang, Shah Alam and another at Uptown Damansara but the one we went was located at Plaza Shah Alam.

We ordered their bestseller, ayam pandan which are marinated chickens wrapped in fragant screwpine leaf, fried until they become golden brown.

ayam pandan @ RM9.80

And we ordered pucuk ubi as well.

pucuk ubi @ RM7.80

Talk about nyonya food, how can we miss Otak-Otak? We ordered a small portion of Otak-Otak at only Rm4.80 per plate.

Otak-Otak @ RM4.80

As for drinks, my sis recommended us to try their famous cendol. I can’t drink cendol, so I only ordered plain 100 plus. My sis and my dear said their cendols were superb! The cendol, came with additional gula melaka so that customers can add into the cendols to get their ideal level of sweetness.

cendol @ Rm2.50

We were very satisfy with the dinner as Nyonya Kitchen served nyonya food that is genuine and lip-smacking. Plus, at very afordable prices too.

Nyonya Kicthen

Lot LF1F Level 3,

Plaza Shah Alam,

2 Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah,

Section 9,

Shah Alam


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Annual Dinner @ Oriental Pavillion

Just not too long ago, my company had Xmas Dinner @ PJ Hilton. And days ago, we had our very own annual dinner @ Oriental Pavillion located at Jaya 33.

For those who are familiar with PJ, they probably know that Oriental Pavillion Restaurant is the newest, most elegant restaurant in PJ serving Fine Cantonese Cuisine with a modern twist.

Well-decorated, with the hall that fits around 40 tables. There are also a few dinner rooms for personal usage.

decorated with bricks

hall that fits more than 4o tables

Malaysians are never punctual for dinners. While waiting for the foods to be served, I spent time snapping around..


Everyone received a transformer toy as door gifts. I got one too, and it’s a Optimus Prime!


The dinner was hosted by our very own colleague, Ivan. He started the dinner by listing out the dishes of the day and also list of prizes to be won…

our MC of the day – Ivan

The 8 course meal kicked off with Salmon Yue Sang. Each has its special naming, but due to ” I-can’t-write-chinese “, I could only post the pictures with some descriptions.

I’m never a fans of Yue Sang, probably because my mom always buy Yue Sang in packages. But I’m starting to like it. Oriental Pavillion served fresh and delicious Salmon Yue Sang.

salmon yue sang

Next is everyone’s favourite! Shark Fin soup in Thai style. Differ from our traditional way of cooking it, this shark fin soup was served in hot clay pots.

claypot sharkfin

We had roasted pigeon too. Oily, tasted more like duck meat.

roasted pigeon

Talk about meats, how can we miss prawns?

fresh prawn

Finally, the dinner ended up with jelly ice as dessert.


Time for LUCKY DRAW! There were lotsa prized, consisting vouchers, iPod, Sony MP3, DVD players, hampers, 3-in-1 printer and mobile phones!

I consider myself lucky as I got a Philips S660 during lucky draw.

philips S660

But Amie was even luckier, she got a Sony Ericson K880i!

Amie posing with her new K800i

Other than foods and games, great speeches were given by management levels.

tony giving speech

pricilla, me & tek ling

amy, pricilla & me

4 of us

Had great time at the dinner. Foods were yummy, comfy environment.. worth visiting for 2nd time. I might consider trying out their dim sum one day.

Oriental Pavilion,
Lot P104, 1st Floor, Jaya 33,
No. 3, Jalan Semangat, Section 13,
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-79569288