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Indulgence@Ipoh – My 24th Bufday (I)

I remember reading a statement somewhere, saying that “Ipohnites are known wise-spenders, in politically correct term. In other words, kiam-sap lot.” Being a Ipohnites myself, I bet to differ. Okay, I have to agree that he was 1/2 correct. His statement does apply on dad-mom’s generation. My dad told me he went to Antap Cafe and had a coffee that costed him RM7. Of cos, for the elderly, RM7 for a cup a coffee is like taking their fortune away. Can’t blame them, come to think about it, Ipoh offers wide range of delicious white coffee at only +-RM1.80 per cup. They rather sit at kopitiam and have 6 cups of white coffee, equal to a cup of Java Chip at Starbucks.

I sounded very nasty by saying so. And in order to defence Ipoh’s pride, I would say that not all Ipoh citizens like to wear sandals with shorts and hang out at kopitiam. There are also wide range of population who does appreatiate the meaning of fine dining, who truly enjoy good foods with comfy and clazzy environment.

For these populatation, the name “Indulgence” is definately familiar. Indulgence is the place where you will not want to dress up in shorts and selipar unless you are hoping those LCLY waitress to give u that you-poor-can’t-afford-glare. Please be reminded to change your typical name WONG SIEW PENG to a glamourous-french-name anything similiar to “Jean Dupont Reutenaueror “Jean-Marie Le“.

LOL, those were created for fun. To me, it has no different with any other restaurants you can find along The Walk @ The Curve. Prices might be more expensive than Marché Movenpick or Le Gourmet but want makes the real difference is there isn’t much fancy restaurants in Ipoh. Been to Indulgence a few times, belief me, it wasn’t that bad as defined by some people. I wore jeans with t-shirts most of the time, the waitress greetted me with friendly smile and provided good services.

Went to Indulgence for lunch and hours later, one of my girl friends, Siau Yim treated me at Indulgence for dinner as my early bufday celebration. Since I have the time, I snapped some pics and post it in my blog.


variety of desserts

comfy sofa

indoor-air-conditioned smoking area

the wine rack

basket bread that comes complimentary

iced mocha to kill ur thirst

spagetti bolonegse

spaghetti with black mussels

baked potato with cheeze and chicken pate

even the ladies looks good. though, not sure how it looks at the gents

Great place, good foods, clazzy environment. It even won the Best Hospitality awards for a few years in a row.

My rating?

FOODS X      

So, why not indulgence urself @ Indulgence today?

PS: Thanx SY for the dinner!


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Back To School (I)

A week to go before reaching 24. Feeling old, I suddenly came out with a silly idea. I texted one of my best pal “Jan, I have a birthday wish. Can we wear school uniform when we go out this Sat?”

He replied, “Yes, that would be fun!”

Okay, to be a student after leaving it for 6-7 years is not an easy job. There are a few props I need before I could once again, become 18.

I searched my wardrobe and manage to find the things I need to make my dream comes true…

(1) My white-but-became-yellow shirt

(2) My stinks tie

(3) My very short librarian skirt

(4) My white-becaming-grey sling bag

(5) A pair of shoes that will look like school shoes

I’m so glad I could still fit in to my uniforms. My mom and sis stunned when they saw me in uniforms. Before leaving the house, I told my mom “Mom, I’m going to class now.”

She smiled.

So, we reached our fav hang out place @ MP. And Goodness, we bumped into our F6 classsmate who was also yamcha-ing there….

Obviously my frens couldn’t find PURE school shoes.

Siew Phang in his 18-year-old-look

Jan in is 18-year-old-look

That’s me in my 18-year-old-look


Thank You so much for making one of my dream comes true!!!!


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Me .. going 24

I’ll be turning 24 this coming August, and yes, this is a reminder for my frens out there to prepare presents for me. Hehe, I was just joking.

In a blink of eye, I’ll be 24. I can’t belief that. Because of my over-matured (old) look, many of my frens thought I’m already 34. Stop being mean okay?

I still feel like I’m young though. Things that happened during my secondary and 6th-Form were still fresh in my mind. Feels like they just happened yesterday. Although I have to admit there are so many differences if you want to compare them. Some changes maybe good, some might not be. Especially after I graduated and start working, life style changed dramatically. But thru experiences, they make me more matured, and of cos , stronger.

Here are some of the major changes in my life… and some of the things remain unchanged.

When I was still in uniforms SiewPeng @ 2007
Was Ugly Still Ugly
Listened to (previously Hitzfm) Prefer Mixfm. Rock and noisy songs make me dizzy
My dark circles as big as 20 cents Since living expenses rising, my dark circles also rise to 50 cents
Slept at 7am and woke up at 3pm Sleep latest by 12midnight, wake up 7somehtig everday
Weighed 45kg Now 40kg, tak cukup makan
So enthusiatic when my friends suggested to go for clubbing or other events. Prefer to go for dinners and yamcha instead (one of the signs I’m getting old). Hardly appear for events, being labelled as “anti-social”. Never proud of that nick name but its okay for me.
Love to hang out at happening places Rather stay at home watch tv, read magazine or play mahjong
Never liked Twins Love their songs so much that I wanted to join their fans club
Loved hanging out with friends Love hanging out with friends
Coffee made me sick Must consume at least a cup of coffee everyday
Sked when ppl vomit Can break world record in lari pecut 100m when someone near me vomits
Went back to Ipoh almost every week. Hardly find the time, the most once a month, sometimes, once in 2 months. Miss my mom so much
Loved Karaoke Stil love to sing at Karaoke, always grab the microphone
Used my student card to get discounts whenever I go for Karaoke Went to a saloon at Subang last month, I saw the banner saying students will be able to get discount. Being a cheapskate, I tried to use my old student card. That barber looked at me for 5 minutes without blinking her eyes. She did not belief I am still a student. Ouch, it hurts!
Easily annoyed when someone being sarcastic Whatever, dont even give a damn
Was such a sensitive b***t I can accept comments, if they make sense
Went for tennis or jogged once in a bluemoon Prefer to perch my ass on the chair, or sleep
Annoyed and sad when friends take you for granted Understand that these ppl are not your real friends
Study, eat, sleep Work, work, work

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Present From Australia

My frens are finally back from Australia. I miss them so much, I cant wait to spend times with them.

Anyway, haven’t realli got to chance to meet with them. Jan sent me an MMS and told me he brought me something from Australia.

This is what he sent to me…..

I have no idea when or where I should where it (in malaysia). But I love it.



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My Silly Little Thoughts

I’ve been very tired lately, insomnia for days. Blame it on the weather but that is not exactly the main reason why I’m encountering this. Turning 24 this coming August, I’ve been thinking quite alot. Yes, I guess the older you’re getting, the more burden and responsibilities you have to carry. Unlike during young, we can act stupid and childish, but still being treated as “cute”.

Children nowadays are so different from our age, they are smarter. I tried to recall my silly thoughts, decided to share them here.

(10) – I used to think shoulder-padded cloths are cool! Ewwww!!

(9) – My ambition was to be a dancer. (not the strip 1)

(8) – When I was 5, my mom packed my belongings and threw me out from my house for being lazy to kindergarden. I didnt realise that she was just pretending to teach me a leason. It was so real, my sis gave me a side of her earings. She said “if we are seperated, we will be able to recognise each other after 20 years”. Well mom, it worked. I didnt dare to skip class till f5. I’m so glad my sis didnt give me 1/2 piece of biscuit.

(7) – I thought that if I behave well enough, Santa will send me nice gifts. But every year, I only receive RM1 in my socks. (Guess Santa (my mom) should at least upgrade it to RM1o based on the higher living expenses these days)

(6) – My sis, my cousin and I held hands together when sleep. We believed that we will be able to see each other in our dreams.

(5) – We surrounded our beds with ropes in order to prevent Freddy Krueger from entering our dreams.

(4) – When I watched black & white movies, I thought that human before my century did not have colours. They are either black, white or grey.

(3) – I was very impressed with VCR. I thought whenever I insert the tape into a VCR, it’s actually connected and passing the request to TV station to play the movie. Now I understand why I ended being a programmer, instead of so many other jobs.

(2) – I love koko-krunch so much I made a vow to myself during primary that if I were a millionaire, I will spend every penny buying thousands boxes of it.

(1) – When I was a kid, I thought that artist never poo. Going to toilet to release outputs only happen on normal human being.

What bout yours?

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