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Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣 @ Sungai Wang – Tanaka white

Sorry that i have abandoned my blog (once again) as i’ve been busy with work for the past few weeks.

Just got back from Sungai Wang. Thanks alot to Bio Essence and my lovely sis for getting my seats for the event  🙂

Here are a few pictures i took during the event:










Perhaps its time to switch to Tanaka White…

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Chongqing Chicken Hot Pot (重 庆 鸡 公 煲) @ Kuchai Lama

Chongqing Chicken Hot Pot @ Kuchai Lama is one the branch in Malaysia (another located at Kepong). There are lots more branches in Hongkong and China.

There are 4 types of hot pots to choose from – chicken, pork rib, beef and seafood. We ordered the chicken hot pot for 2 person (RM16). If you have more people to share, you can order the medium size @ Rm22. You can even choose the level of spiciness. I picked the one with less spicy because I can’t take spicy foods.

chicken hot pot

The chicken hot pot I had where made out of ayam kampung, so it wasn’t fat and oily. The sauce tasted abit like Bak Kut Teh but not as gravy as BKT. It was served with rice. And we can even add soup on it. We tried medium spicy soup.

chicken hot pot

Other than that, you can also order additional veges and meats, ranging from RM1 to RM4 per plate.

Just add those into the pot and you can have your meal like steamboat.

chicken hot pot added with spicy soup

ps: Ho Chak has made a review on this restaurant before

Chicken Hot Pot (重 庆 鸡 公 煲)

Kuchai Lama , Taman Entrepreneurs Park 58200 Kuala Lumpur


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Cova @ The Gardens

My sis and I decided to have a drink before continue our shopping activities at The Gardens.

We saw Cova and were attracted by its interior.

Cova @ The Gardens

Cova @ The Gardens

My sis wasn’t feeling well so she ordered a hot drink.

Hot Latte with Caramel @ RM10.50

As for me, I ordered iced mocha….

Ice Mocha @ RM11.50

And we ended up with some quick bites.

Fish Fritter & Chips @12.50

Grilled Honey Chicken @ RM16.50

Grilled Honey Chicken was real good. Love the combination of marinated grilled chicken slices that were ’embedded’ between toasted bread. Will order this again on my next visit to Cova.

And btw, Cova plays Jazz music! Very relaxing environment…. Found another new hang out place. Haha


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Mungo Jerry Bak Kut Teh @ PJ

I started to like Bak Kut Teh(or 肉骨茶) when I was first introduced to it during my internship. Since then, I’ve been having Bak Kut Teh at least once a month.

For those who are staying near PJ, you don’t have to go far to Klang for nice Bak Kut Teh. You can find it around PJ area, one of them is Mungo Jerry.

Mungo Jerry @ SS2

Customers can choose to have different ingredients with the Bak Kut Teh. I ordered lean meats with other mixture.

lean meat and mushrooms in Bak Kut Teh

Talk bout Bak Kut Teh, never forget the ‘Yau Char Kuai’ ??

‘yau char kuai’

The dry Bak Kut Teh here was way different from the one I had in Klang. Yet, it was delicious.

dry Bak Kut Teh

fried onions with rice

lettuce in oyster sauce

Mungo Jerry @ PJ opens daily from 6PM except Monday.


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Updated – Chef Loong (龙师傅) @ ss2

Went back to Chef Loong at SS2 and this time, tried some other dishes.

Previously I’ve posted on Chef Loong before. You can track back the post by clicking HERE.

the signature Chef Loong xiao long bao @ RM6

pan-fried dumpling @ RM 4.20

Next is the special chee cheong fun. Why special? It’s not the ordinary one, as there’s another crispy layer underneath. Worth trying…

chee cheong fun in crispy flour @ RM4.50

Apart of Siu Loong Pau and also their signature fried mee (which was made out of flour sheets), I found another “must have” at Chef Loong. It’s the HongKong bun, made out of a layer of pineapple bun. Soooo delicious but they only offer these during weekends. If you wanna try this bun, you have to go there on weekend.

hongkong bun @ RM4.50

mango sai mai lou @ RM 5.50


Are changes good or bad?

Abandoned my blog for weeks as I was & still rushing for the project.

Apart of all the busy-ness, I stil spent my weekend in Ipoh last weekend as I went back for the 12th Election.

Days before the election, I was excited as it’s my first time to decide who will be the person to rule this country. Okie, I admit I sounded abit exaggerating but I believe that every vote counts, and I didn’t want to miss my chance.

I did some “preparations” before the election day. Eg, checked my status online…..

and spent $$ buying all those canned foods and instant noodles for “the-just-in-case”.

I didn’t wake up early on the election day. Instead, I went for breakfast with my sis. Then we went to a school, which we thought is our polling station. We realised we went to the wrong polling station when the officer couldn’t find my name in her list. Silly us!

But Sekolah Kebangsaan Jalan Tasek does sound like Sekolah Kebangsaan Tasek Dermawan, agree?

Now that the oppositions won the Perak state, and they are still deciding who will be the next MB.. I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best to come.

Things are going well, but I’m abit sad. Nasty me, somewhere deep in my heart, I was hoping for … curfew. LOL

Rumours have been spreading around that they will change the entertainment rules in Perak. So, please don’t tell me I can no longer hang out at Ipoh Garden East till midnite? We voted for more freedom, not LESS! Don’t make me regret for voting….


Jan’s Birthday @ Outback Steakhouse – Bangsar

If you are a frequent visitor of themamakcorner, you probably realise that I celebrate bufdays every year with 2 best friends of mine.. Janz & Phangz. It has been a tradition for us to celebrate each other’ bufdays every year, and the tradition started since 4-5 years ago.

We celebrated Janz’ belated bufday last night as we only managed to find the time for the dinner. Earlier, we had a bufday gathering where we celebrated with Vic, Jacq, MunMun etc at Browsn Cafe (click here).

This time, we went over to Outback Steakhouse at Bangsar Village.

outback steakhouse @ bangsar

For starter, we had cheezy fries. I belief the chef included pieces of cheeze right after taking out the fries from the pan, making the cheeze melts on the fries. It was also served with small slices of bacon.

cheezy fries

mayo for the cheezy fries

At outback, there are variety of cocktails and drinks to choose from. We orderd bottomless soft drinks at RM5.25 per cup.

me posting with the food

double grill lamb chop @ RM36.95

i’ve never seen a serial killer who smile for camera

8 oz rib-eye @ RM43.95

phangz posting with his food

tri tip rib-eye @ RM32.95

As always, we had photo session for memories.

I have faith that this “tradition” will carry on even for the next coming 10,20,3o years..

Belated Happy Bufday Janz!