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themamakcorner turning to be a FOOD blog?

I’ve received alot comments lately that themamakcorner is becoming a food blog.

And YOU must be wondering why?

I guess I need to clarify the reason … and its a simple 1!

You just need to compare the two pictures below!!


When you see this picture, you’ll probably say “Wow, delicious.” or “I’m hungry.” or “This looks good.”



But when you see my picture, you’ll WON’T be saying “siewpeng looks good.” or “She’s delicious.”

You ended up saying “The bacons on her plate looks yummy.”

Pork “1” – siewpeng “0” ….damn it!!

There you go…… HEHE


Cool —> Not-So-Cool

Was at The Curve where I saw a software which is installed in Sony Vaio.

The programme has face-recognition and has the ability to add items on your picture.

I showed my friend the pictures I took and he went “Wow, cool. It can even do make ups around your eyes.”

I was like ……. “Duh, it was my dark circles!” Damn…. LOL


MSN Photo Virus

I got an invitation from my fren today to receive a photo album in zip file.

Lucky enough that I’ve already aware that this is a nasty virus circulating on MSN. This virus sends out one of the following messages with a file named

Once the virus is active on your PC a bot will then procede to send out the file with a message to all of your MSN contacts.

This virus is smart enough to send along messages like ..

“wow! look at this old picture i found….”

” Take a look at the new pics already! :p”



So if you happen to get invitation to receive this kinda file via MSN, do ignore it.


Found 3 solutions on web.. not sure whether it works though. (try at ur own risk)

Delete registry entry:

“nVidia Display Driver” = “nvsvc64.exe”



Delete virus files:


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Proton ad? Ghost movie?

My friend send me this link earlier….

Proton ad? or ghost movie?

You decide…



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Valueable stuffs in my room

CNY has been kinda hectic for me. Days to go before I have to go back to Selangor and continue my work routine.

Tonite is the only night I did not go out. My mom was so surprised she thought her daughter is either heavily sick or being possesed. Anyway, I’m feeling really tired, feel like wanna get some rest and spend more quality times with my mom. So, what I did was, I surfed net with my mom sitting beside me. She was so free so I just showed her some photos of my frens from Friendster. I’m so glad that now, she’s already sound asleep.

Alone in my room, I searched my drawers and I found I have a alot of valuable stuffs.. things that brought all my childhood memories alive.

sand from KSM by Mich

Hello Kitty music box


more cups by Emily

my 1st swatch

music box me & my sis brought for my mom, which ended up in my room days after her bufday (more than 15 years ago)

name tags & badges

collections of McD’ Snoopy

Anderson tie

Ring Ring card that costed me a fortune

letters & cards

GTP purse

the only throphy I won during primary


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How many shoes does a girl need?

I went to my fren’s house, noticed she has a great collection of shoes.

her shoe rack

every box has a label on it

She needs therapy!


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Top Yahoo! Searches of 2006

 2007 approaching and the list of Top Yahoo! Searches for 2006 already released early this month.

Let’s do some fun count down!!

10th – X = female celebrities famous for not wearing undergarment

9th –   = bet u know who … every guys’ fantasy

 8th – Chris Brown = okie, he dances well

7th – Beyonce Knowles

6th – American Idol = i don’t like watching reality shows

5th – Paris Hilton = probably famous because of her role in “one night in paris”

4th – Jessica Simpson

3rd – Shakira

2nd – WWE = a bunch of guys running around wearing tight underwear …

AND THE 1st place goes to BRITNEY.. huh!

I remember I did an assignment on search engine during my 2nd year and Pammy was listed top 3. To my surprise, her position dropped even lower than the heir of Hilton empire. Hmm, sometimes, size  doesn’t matter huh? Guys are changing their taste??

For the complete list, go to :

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