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Reflection Of Joey’s Live in Genting 2007

2 years ago, I was so disappointed that I didn’t attend the “Joey Live In Genting” as I was busy preparing for my semester examinations (last minute study).

Last week, I had another opportunity of attending her “Reflection of Joey’s Live” concert in Genting.

When the tickets were released for sales, I quickly grabbed them and managed to get some nice seats.

I managed to get discounts on VIP tickets, thanx to my dearest best pal – Joyce

After checked in to hotel, we went over to First World Plaza where a show was held. There, we managed to see some of the Hong Kong’s famous celebs as they were the judges for the competition.

Wing Yue, Sam Mei, Joey & others

Anyway, we didn’t stay long for the show. Honest speaking, I’m not a fans of the show where people make fun of themselves to win the prizes. I found them, silly!

Luan, Jane & my sis

Rina & Lai Kun

Right after dinner, we headed to Outdoor Theme Park. I’m so glad I made it on time.

the stage decoration

Our seats… 4th row from the stage!

and Sam Mei sat just a row in front of us

the crowds waited anxiously for the concert to start

Anyway, it didn’t take us much time of waiting. The concert started quite on time.

When Joey came down from the stage, the crowds rushed towards her. I, too managed to shake hand and took a few close up pictures of her.

a close up of joey

The concert was superb! She sang gracefully, and her dancing was great!

ps: Do refer to Alan Voo’s site for more professional photo shots of Joey.

I realise I have no talent in taking pictures. Thanx to my sis and Luan for some of the pictures!


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