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Starlight Joey Yung live in Genting 2008

A year before, I went to Reflection of Joey’s Live in Genting 2007 concert. And this year, Joey is back again with her Starlight concert. Just a week after Genting released the tickets, my sis already booked the tickets. Anyway, we were already late and those VIP seats were already booked by Joey’s fanatic fans. Somehow, we manged to get PS1 tickets. Track back my previous post on Starlight Joey Yung Concert here.

After waited for more than a month, the day has finally arrived. Again, we went all the way to Genting just for the show.

Took alot pictures during the concert and These are my favs:

Applause!! Overall, the concert was superb… Except for there are love birds sat in front of me that keep blocking my view. Hello, if want to date, go home la!!!!


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Jacq’s 24th Bufday @ Café Café KL

I’ve alwiz wanted to try Cafe Cafe @ KL, finally got the chance to do so yesterday night when I celebrated Jacq’s 24th Bufday with some other frens.

Many might have not heard about this Cafe Cafe as it has no large signboard and looks dark from the outside but its easy to locate. Just go to the Cafe Cafe official site, which I’ve enclosed at the end of this post.

The moment we entered the restaurant, we were impressed by its interior. It was dark, we can hardly see what’s in front of us (exegerating). Haha. It was dark, but was decorated with crystal that dangled from the ceiling.

We started our dinner with complimentary breads. I like the butter but not really the bread. It was abit hard tough. I tried so hard cutting it with the bread knife, I ended up eating this bread using bare-handed.

comp bread

Next, for started we ordered a few different dishes. Janz ordered sundried tomato with buffalo mozzarella.

The mozzarella didn’t taste much but it made a great combination when we had it with the sundried tomato.

sundried tomato with buffalo mozzarella @ RM25

Vic ordered crispy brie. It looked like normal nugget but when she cut it, the cheeze melted out from the inner side of the dish. Nice, for cheeze-lover like me.

crispy brie @ RM23

We also had mushroom soup for starter. I’m so glad they serve real mushroom soup, and not the one using campbell.

mushroom soup @ Rm15

For the main course, Jacq ordered lamb shank.

lamb shank @ RM38

Mun Mun ordered rissotto parmigienta.

rissotto parmigienta @ RM28

As for me, I ordered duck confit. I failed to get the correct lighting to snap the foods. Anyways, this duck confit was served with baked potato and bacons. Small portion but just nice for small eater like me.

duck confit @ RM45

Others had chicken with white wine and wild mushroom. I kinda like this one.

cal chicken with white wine and wild mushroom @ RM38

cal chicken with white wine and wild mushroom @ RM38

Time for dessert. We all love the chocolate tart and tiramisu. I didn’t know the tiramisu contained so high liquer, I had that with big scope and almost drunk! The tiramisu is highly recommended. A must try!!!

chocolate tart

cheese cake

creme brulee

tiramisu @ Rm20

As for drinks, we ordered cabberet sauvignon. Me, as usual, ordered a non-alcholic. This time it wasn’t iced mocha. I had Orangina… I’m such a lousy drinker.

picture of the wine cork

While waiting for the foods to be served, we took some pictures… well, not some but alot of them!


candid – i was caught having bread



jacq, da bufday girl!

keat & janz

us @ cafe cafe

Happy Bufday darling Jacq!!

for more information on Cafe Cafe, do log on to Cafe Cafe KL


Meng Chun’s Wedding @ Oversea Restaurant Jaya One

May & June are months of happiness. Starting from May, I will be attending 3 colleagues’ wedding dinners. Yea, which means I will be having shark fins every weekend….

Started with Meng Chun‘s wedding at Oversea Restaurant, below are pictures taken by Patrick.

the menu

free gifts

the bride & groom

the man of the day

Kent & his GF

Me & Amy

me with the colleagues

Happy Newly Wed to Meng Chun @ Mei Peng!!!

ps: for more pictures on this, do log to Robin Ng‘s site


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Jor Yin’s 25th Birthday @ Tony Roma’s Sunway

Had dinner at Tony Roma’s to celebrate Jor Yin’s 25th Bufday. The staffs at Tony Roma’s were so helpful and friendly, they even gave da bufday girl a free choc brownie.

Took some pictures with da bufday girl:

Beside birthday wishes, I need to wish her Happy Anniversary as well.

We started school on 1st/2nd June 2003, that was when I first met Jor Yin, Chean Yee & Kun Leng. Happy-5Years-Friendship anniversary gals!!!

us during 2003

ps: Track back my post on Friends In My Life here.