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My 2007 New Year Resolution

I can’t belief that 2006 is coming to an end…. When I look back, I asked myself what have I done within this one whole year and whether I already get what I wished for… I guess I’m a lucky girl.

 After today, it’ll be another brand new year. My 2007 new year resolution will be quite subjective, sounds simple but might hard to achieve…

I just want to be HAPPIER!


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one Big Happy Family

It has been more than 7 months since I joined this company. I could still recall my very 1st day… May 15th, 2006.. I was at the pantry with 7 others, that made us 8 persons all together. Bored!

Months later, we became close and work life has been better since then (thank God).

When we 1st met each other, we were so polite that we let each other to have the last piece of cake.

But now, grab while you can!

Sadly, Allan will be leaving us… deep sob! Reality is, we were more than thrilled that we threw a farewell cum reunion dinner yesterday to celebrate his departure.

Right after work, we went to Sushi Station @ Sg Wang.

Fung trying to steal foods from Tom

Allan & Gim Them

Gim Them, Me & Eng Khun

the peace signs indicate something that only 7 of us know

wasabi or green tea ice creaM?

Picture of the day!

After dinner, we planned to walk over to Time Square for movie but we were lost in the middle of KL Town. Movie tickets were sold out, so we headed to Mont Kiara for a drink where we talked about programming, of course and some other personal stuffs.

We might not share the same interests or views in most of the issues. But we all have one thing in common. WE ALL HATE “LAP SAP TUNG” ! That’s what keep us together!!!

One Big Happy Family


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Top Yahoo! Searches of 2006

 2007 approaching and the list of Top Yahoo! Searches for 2006 already released early this month.

Let’s do some fun count down!!

10th – X = female celebrities famous for not wearing undergarment

9th –   = bet u know who … every guys’ fantasy

 8th – Chris Brown = okie, he dances well

7th – Beyonce Knowles

6th – American Idol = i don’t like watching reality shows

5th – Paris Hilton = probably famous because of her role in “one night in paris”

4th – Jessica Simpson

3rd – Shakira

2nd – WWE = a bunch of guys running around wearing tight underwear …

AND THE 1st place goes to BRITNEY.. huh!

I remember I did an assignment on search engine during my 2nd year and Pammy was listed top 3. To my surprise, her position dropped even lower than the heir of Hilton empire. Hmm, sometimes, size  doesn’t matter huh? Guys are changing their taste??

For the complete list, go to :

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syndicate your site with RSS

My sis got a new K800i days ago and she asked me what RSS is all about. Unable to answer her question, I searched for Google and did some study online..


RSS or Rich Site Summary, what ever name u call it, is a great way for any website to advertise their contents in an always up-to-date fashion.

 RSS is a method of distributing links to content in your site. In other words, it “syndicates” your contents. It allows people to easily add links to your contents within their own web pages. Bloggers are a huge core audience that especially does this. Famous sites like, have already started using this technology.

By using aggregators, I don’t have to scroll to my favourite blogs every morning. All I have to do is subscribe the site using my aggregator and it’ll list out tittle and descriptions of latest updates.

The down side is, if the site is not RSS enable, then I couldn’t subscribe it.


Every morning, I open a few browsers to read some of my favourite blogs. Unfortunately, not all blogs are updated and it’ll be a waste of time for me to scroll for every blogs, looking for updated news.

So, what I do is I use aggregator. I save url of my favourite blogs and I’ll be able to look for update blogs. It saves alot of time!


Bloggers should syndicate their blogs with RSS. By doing so, readers can subscribe and will know when there are updated posts. It’s also a way to advertise, thus, bringing more and more readers to your blog.

I’m so glad that by using blog site, it enables easy creation of RSS. So, i tried some hands-on using another site of mine @

Lets not talk grandmother stories on history or how RSS came to live and start of with some steps of creating an RSS. 

(1) Create a RSS file. You don’t need a XML editor to create it. Just open a new notepad and enter your items. You’ll need three bits of information:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Link

<?xml version=”1.0″ ?>
<rss version=”0.91″>


<title>Siew Peng’s page</title>

<title>About Me</title>
<description>Personal details</description>

<title>My Education</title>



*link has to be your exact url 

There are some other extra optional tags like <language>  , <lastBuildDate> , <copyright>.. but are not essential in creating a simple RSS file.

(2) Save the file. For me, I saved it as “feed.xml”. Then,upload to your site using FTP etc. I put my created RSS file in rss folder.

(4) Test the page. Example, I type

 and I got this…

(3) Do not assume that your page is already been  feeded. Validate your created rss using some of the feed validator. One good site example would be Type your homepage url at the text box, hit search and it’ll return valid if your site has been feeded.

(4) There you go. You have successfull created a RSS file for your site. What you need to do next is to let others know about it. So, add a orangy RSS icon  at your page so that they can subscribe your site. You can also advertise your site at content aggregators. You can find list of aggregators @

(5) I subscribe to my own site, and then uploaded a new html page to my site. I tested my personal aggregator (

and I got this… DONE


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My friends’ celebrity look-alikes

Right after I posted “My celebrity look-alikes”, Allan went on trying as well. And he tested the site using others’ pictures as well. Mischievious… He then sent me the results and decided to post it in my blog. Thanx for sharing!

The outputs strongly support my idea that My Heritage is not that accurate.

Look at the pictures below and u’ll agree with me.

tom looks 66% like Jet Li

nic = 70% of Stephen Chow

Fung = 70% Chow Yun Fatt

and Allan looks 70% like Rain

…….. I guess I can skip today’s lunch. Someone pls kill me!

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My celebrity Look-alikes

I was peeping at my friends’ pages and notice alot of them posted their celebrity look-alikes photos. My Heritage offers face recognition and it’ll match look-alikes celebrities with ur face.
Why not give it a try?
So, i uploaded a picture of mine and the matches are….

It says that I look like Gillian Chung (55%). For real?


Gillian Chung & Charlene

Okie, forget about My Heritage. Obviously, it’s not accurate!


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new 2007 toll rate

New year is approaching soon but I have no intension wat-so-ever to go out for celebration as the new toll rate will be effective on new year!

Ooh yes, u hear me.. toll rates rise again!

 The new rates taken from thestaronline are as below:

Since I stay in Shah Alam, work in PJ always go back to Kajang, these increments definately affect me. But never mind, since I earn alot (in my dream). And the government said that apart of the 60cents increments, they still need to subsidy another 5ocents.  And again, toll rates in Malaysia are one of the cheapest in the world.

Sound familar?


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