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Malaysia Boleh?

I passed by TUDM near Sg Besi days ago and was stucked in traffic as there were some constructions going on. Along the way to KL town, I saw some banners that caught my attention.

banners along TUDM near Sg Besi

you’ll be able to see this logo

So, what exactly is this SMART tunnel? How will it be able to meet the purpose, that is to avoid flood and jam in KL town?

This is how it works.

The 1st and 2nd upper part will be used for traffic, while the lowest part be used as drainage system. If flood occurs, the top two parts will be closed and all three parts will be used to flow water out from KL in order to avoid flood. Sounds cool huh? Wait till u see the construction and architecture pictures below….

Well, the construction is estimated to cost around RM1,887 million.

Cant wait to try it. Though I would say I have phobia since I watched Daylight when I was in Form1. 

Touch wood.

We should be proud that SMART will be the longest tunnel in Malaysia.

Unlike this…..

Largest chair – Malaysia Book Of Record.


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Siti Nurhaliza Celebration Concert

After more than a month planning, me and my colleagues decided to go for buffet + karaoke @ neway. Just a day before the event, I received a few free tickets for Siti Nurhaliza Celebration Concert. Under such circumstances, I have to call off the karaoke session. My apology to fella colleagues again…….

Here’s some pictures I managed to take on that nite:

Me, Janz, Cik Zaidatul & Mona


@ Royal Ballroom Palace Of The Golden Horses

the crowds


concert started of with performance by the dancers

fans from SitiZone gave her a belated bufday cake


gained weight after her wedding, but still stunning!

she sang a few songs like Aku Cinta Padamu, Bukan Cinta Biasa etc but the best one was “I will always love you”  which was originally sang by Whitney Houstan. It was a great show and her voice was superb! Damn, I wish I can sing like her……

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A Gift From My Sis

My sis went to Sabah for 2 days. And this is what she brought for me …..

a bottle of chilli sauce




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My 1st time – cont

If you read my previous blog on My 1st time, you probably realise that the blog was not fully done.

Shek Lee gave me 3 cds (which consist more than 1K pieces of pictures). I look at those pics over & over again, never seems to be bored.

Due to limited spaces, I can only afford to pick a few pictures that I really like to post here.


everything was well planned

even for the manicure…

gorgeous, didn’t she?

“ji muiz”- all in white

well decorated car

the “heng daiz”

1st stage

2nd stage

3rd stage – fill in the blanks

headed back to Segamat


dinner @ Segamat

groom giving a romantic speech



ball room hall @ Marriott

close-up of the groom

only those with sexy figure can fit in

parents helping out the groom

beautiful dress

guests signing names before entering the ball room


cocktail session

the newly wed making toast

me with Shook Fun

Yean Fung, Me & Fong Teng

close-up of the best-man

Khai Leng, Me, SHek Lee, Fun, Pei Pei & Wai Keong

Again, wishing Shek Lee & Khai Leng happily ever after….


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How many shoes does a girl need?

I went to my fren’s house, noticed she has a great collection of shoes.

her shoe rack

every box has a label on it

She needs therapy!


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Janice’s Bufday @ Friendster Cafe

 Went to Friendster for Janice’ bufday party days ago:

me with the girls

looks more like “gong xi fai chai” than bufday wishes

janice & her hubby

bufday present given by her hubby

me with the bufday gal

Fun, Shek Lee & I

picture of the day

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Set up Apache, PHP and MySQL

Below are instructions to set up your machine for PHP environment. I’m using Windows XP Professional SP2.

(1) Apache Web Server

Download the Win32 Binary (MSI installer). Double click on the downloaded installer and install. The version I’m using is Apache 2.0.59 and I installed into C:\Program Files

Apache installation wizard

(2) PHP Run-time

Download PHP. I’m using PHP 5.0.2 . Install it to C:\php.

PHP setup wizard

(3) The next step will require you to copy these 3 files from C:\php to C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2

(a) php5ts.dll

(b) php5apache2.dll

(c) php.ini

(4) Open php.ini in C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2 using any text editor. Find “doc_root” and edit it to

doc_root = C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs

(5) Go to the directory: C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\conf\ and open httpd.conf file for editing. Add those lines at the end of the file.

LoadModule php5_module php5apache2.dll

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

(6) In the same file, look for “DirectoryIndex” and edit it to

DirectoryIndex index.html index.html.var index.php


Start the service and the service icon will appear.


After all the installations are done, all you haev to do is to test them out. Open your browser and type http://localhost/ or The page will display test page for Apache.


Go to C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs, create a new PHP file using notepad.

Save the file as “test.php”

Write the following codes in the PHP file and save it:


echo “testing for PHP”;


Open a new browser and type http://localhost/test.php

If your browser display the same, it means that you have succesfully set up the Apache and PHP.


If you find that installing Apache web server, PHP and MySql seperately give you lotsa headache, you can always try to install EasyPHP. It consists all the installation with just a click.

EasyPHP setup wizard

Install it to C:\

 Then try to create a test php page (just like the one I created earlier. Place it at www folder.

Start the service.

Open a new browser and type http://localhost/test.php

If your browser display correct page, thus, you’ve successfully installed EasyPHP.


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