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Jan’s Birthday @ Outback Steakhouse – Bangsar

If you are a frequent visitor of themamakcorner, you probably realise that I celebrate bufdays every year with 2 best friends of mine.. Janz & Phangz. It has been a tradition for us to celebrate each other’ bufdays every year, and the tradition started since 4-5 years ago.

We celebrated Janz’ belated bufday last night as we only managed to find the time for the dinner. Earlier, we had a bufday gathering where we celebrated with Vic, Jacq, MunMun etc at Browsn Cafe (click here).

This time, we went over to Outback Steakhouse at Bangsar Village.

outback steakhouse @ bangsar

For starter, we had cheezy fries. I belief the chef included pieces of cheeze right after taking out the fries from the pan, making the cheeze melts on the fries. It was also served with small slices of bacon.

cheezy fries

mayo for the cheezy fries

At outback, there are variety of cocktails and drinks to choose from. We orderd bottomless soft drinks at RM5.25 per cup.

me posting with the food

double grill lamb chop @ RM36.95

i’ve never seen a serial killer who smile for camera

8 oz rib-eye @ RM43.95

phangz posting with his food

tri tip rib-eye @ RM32.95

As always, we had photo session for memories.

I have faith that this “tradition” will carry on even for the next coming 10,20,3o years..

Belated Happy Bufday Janz!


How well do you know me?

This is fun. Please spend some time to do the test…

I wanna know how well you know me…

10s yea!

Create your own Friend Test here


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Lala Chong Seafood, Opposite Subang Airport (2)

Yesterday’s lunch was luxury. Instead of going to the normal food stalls down the office, we went over to Lala Chong for seafoods. ( See my previous post on Lala Chong here)

“siong tong lala” – clams cooked in rice wine

sweet sour chicken

prawn salad

sweet sour fried tofu

fried sotong

steam fish

lala chong @ subang airport

ps: thanx PjLightHousefor sharing out the pictures

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Steamboat @ PeyShan’s House

We left office on time today and headed to Pey Shan’s house for a CNY steamboat. Earlier, some of my colleagues went to nearby market and brought a “bundle” of foods for the night.

Needless say, steamboat is well-known among the Chinese community… and it consists 3 important steps:

(1) Step 1 – Preparing the foods.

japanese tofu

chicken fillets & cameron mushroom

variety of fish balls

needle mushrooms

filament sticks with a nice bottle of thai chili sauce

overall of the foods

(2) Step 2 – “Throw” the foods into a bowl of boiling soup.

sammi’ personal bowl of steamboat

(3) Step 3 – Makan!!!

When everyone was full, we took some pictures…

yippy, tl, amy & me

me, amy & pey shan

winnie & kim

edison with kenny

Thanx Pey Shan for providing such a nice hospitality … and not forgetting, the angpows!!


Quest for Thai foods…

Remember when I went to Phuket for vacation, I’ve been looking the whole island for real Thai foods. Sadly, I couldn’t even find 1, ended up having westerns and KFC for meals.

I finally found 1 when I shopped at Submit USJ last week. They were having some Thai fair and I had the chance to eat some Thai cruisines.

fresh mangos

sticky rice

Khao Niaow Ma Muang is a famous Thai dessert made from sweet sticky rice and bath with fresh milk, then topped with slices of fresh mangos. A must have!!

Thai Mango Sticky Sweet Rice Dessert (Khao Niaow Ma Muang)
I know my body couldn’t take spicy foods but can’t resist the temptation. I even had a bowl of Prawn Noodle…

prawn noodle

Now, I’m happy!


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Valentine’s Dinner @ Eden, The Curve

Earlier, my dear gave me a surprise by sending flowers to my office.

thanx dear for the flowers

And yea, when my colleagues asked about it, I made a lame joke by saying I spent my own money to book the flowers for myself.

As for dinner, everywhere was fully booked. Went to Tony Rama’s but the receptionist told us that we have to wait 50 mins to get a table. 50 MINS!!! So, we changed our plan and went to Eden instead.

Eden @ The Curve

Been to Eden @ Subang Parade before, but this is my 1st visit to Eden @ The Curve. Eden was already fully occupied by the time we reached there.

me, sick & migraine…. waiting for the foods to be served

Everyone recieved a box of “mystery” gift. Nicely wrapt up in silver box, it was actually a box of chocolate.

gifts from Eden

a box of choc

We had some salad with mushroom as starter….Tasted like pasta in mushroom sauce, except that it was served with vege instead of pasta.

mushroom salad

The Valentine’s package also came with a potato soup. I kinda like this soup as it was creamy.

hot potato soup

For main course, my dear ordered Grilled Lobster with Grilled Mongolian Chicken. Very small portion, even a small eater like me finished up the whole plate.

Grilled Lobster with Grilled Mongolian Chicken

Me, I ordered Grilled Lobster with Grilled Lamb Chop. I still prefer the Lamb Chop at The Ship.

Grilled Lobster with Grilled Lamb Chop

We also had mango (grilled?) and ice cream for desserts. I was sick, not allowed to eat fruits or cool stuff!!

dear & i 

thanx alot dear…

and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!


CNY 2008 – Street Party

Chinese can never run away from 4 things during CNY : drinking, gambling, visiting and eating.

Went to a street party during CNY with few frens of mine.

I can’t even recall when was the last time I step my foot on a pub. Must be ages ago…

The pub hired a few dancers to dance on small stages that was set around the area. Quite an entertaining “sight-seeing” for the guys I belief.


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