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Valueable stuffs in my room

CNY has been kinda hectic for me. Days to go before I have to go back to Selangor and continue my work routine.

Tonite is the only night I did not go out. My mom was so surprised she thought her daughter is either heavily sick or being possesed. Anyway, I’m feeling really tired, feel like wanna get some rest and spend more quality times with my mom. So, what I did was, I surfed net with my mom sitting beside me. She was so free so I just showed her some photos of my frens from Friendster. I’m so glad that now, she’s already sound asleep.

Alone in my room, I searched my drawers and I found I have a alot of valuable stuffs.. things that brought all my childhood memories alive.

sand from KSM by Mich

Hello Kitty music box


more cups by Emily

my 1st swatch

music box me & my sis brought for my mom, which ended up in my room days after her bufday (more than 15 years ago)

name tags & badges

collections of McD’ Snoopy

Anderson tie

Ring Ring card that costed me a fortune

letters & cards

GTP purse

the only throphy I won during primary


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Tuition teacher wanted!

Almost every weekend, I spend my time with different friends at Karaoke. With so many karaoke centres mushrooming, offering cheap and affordable rates, there’s no way to resist them. Moreover, I’m the kinda person who prefer indoor activities.

Through out my years of education, I’ve been taught in Malay + English syllybus. Thus, reading the whole complete sentence in chinese has always been a mission impossible.

In order to sing chinese songs, there are only 2 ways:

(1) Repeat the same songs over and over again for thousand times or

(2) Search pin yin from the internet and bring along to Karaoke

memorize song lyrics using pin yin

Btw, I found something in my drawer. My report-card during pre-school (Methodist kindergarden). Dont be surprise that I got all As for Oral, Reading & Writing in Chinese. So proud of myself…


my report card during pre-school

And I can still write my own name!!

Wong Siew Peng

But it’s still not essential if I wanna sing Karaoke. I still have to print out papers and carry them in my bag.

Anyone out there who are kind enuf to provide me free tuitions?


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Twins new album review = Our Love – Sixth Anniversary (New + Best Selection) (Special Edition 3CD)

Twins came out with new album weeks ago… 

Okieeee, I’m a fans of TWINS (I do have a young heart).

This new album, consists of more than 50 songs (old + new + live version).

The track lists are :

CD 1
01. 我們相愛6年 (新歌)(Twins 6週年主題曲)
02. 你不是好情人 (Solo) (蔡卓妍 獨唱)
03. 非君不嫁 (Solo) (鍾欣桐 獨唱)
04. 八十塊環遊世界
05. 見習愛神
06. 死性不改 (w/Boy’z)
07. 下一站天后
08. 戀愛大過天
09. 女校男生
10. 多謝失戀
11. 眼紅紅
12. 我們的紀念冊
13. 梨渦淺笑
14. 千金
15. 大浪漫主義
16. 亂世佳人
17. 朋友的愛
18. 星光遊樂園

CD 2
01. 飄零燕 (新歌)
02. 天下有雙 (“雙子神偷” 電影主題曲)
03. 我決定走了
04. 你不是好情人
05. 雙失情人節
06. 幼稚園
07. 丟架
08. 救生圈
09. 飲歌
10. 狂想曲
11. 黑色喜劇
12. 海底深
13. 精選
14. 冬令時間
15. 18變
16. 德州的故事
17. 夏雨
18. 我很想愛他

CD 3
01. 小心愛 (新歌)
02. 紅噹噹飛吻 (新歌) – 草蜢合唱
03. 桃紅結他
04. 士多啤梨蘋果橙
05. 女人味
06. 熱浪假期
07. 一時無兩
08. 明愛暗戀補習社
09. 魚蛋歌
10. 女仔歌
11. 星星月亮太陽
12. 愛情當入樽
13. 二人世界盃
14. 大紅大紫
15. 零4好玩
17. 夏日狂嘩
18. 森巴皇后

the CD cover

the album consists of 3 CDs

and a DVD

also comes with a lyric book





the best part is, it comes with free …

angpow packets

I cant wait to force my parents to give out angpows using those this coming CNY ….


It’s worth, u have my words….


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Friends In My Life

It was half passed two, I was sitting in my room, looking for some e-books online while my elder sis has already sound asleep.

Feeling tired and sleepy, I grabbed myself a hot drink from the kitchen. Over bitter coffee, I returned to my seat, perched comfortably on my bed, opened another browser, logged  myself to WordPress, and here I am, creating another post for my personal blogsite.
It has been quite some time since I posted a blog entry with words. Most of the time, I was too lazy to write, thus, posted lotsa pictures. After all, a picture worth a thousand words rite?

I definately agree with the quatation but I would say that sometimes, things need to be said. Alot of my friends told me that I’m a good friend cum good listener but some said I’m not concerning enough. I, myself doubt too..

Friends have always been one of the top important things in my life.

I had my early education at a small and peaceful school , TCS. And through out my 11 years of education there, I met alot of friends, one of the best moments ever.

Those from TCS will definately know my gang. The 8 of us (MW, Callie, SY, MC, Emily, SY, AC) lepak-ed at Mich’s place almost everyday. We had the same tupperware, wore the same socks etc. The best part is, we all danced “Awas” by KRU. We were young back then, had a small fight once in a while but hey, that made us stronger than ever. We spent most of our time in Guiding. From attending gatherings, I got to know lots more friends from diff school, especially gals (Phoebe, LY, CW etc) from Benedict Convent. Not forgetting all my friends especially those angels of 5 Orchid…

Seperated from my TCS gang during F6 as they all went to diff colleges, I thought my life will be dull. But God made another arrangement. In Anderson, I met with Jan, Phang, Shum, KF, Quennie, Faizil, Dhilah, Bing, Lorain etc. Skip classes were almost a daily routine.

Of cos, I cherish the times I spent with Vic, Jacq & Mun.

And when I go to university, I’m so glad I met JY, KL, CY, Ain etc. I was very passive, didn’t join any society except AIESEC. There again, I met with a new bunch of great friends. Working together in ADND with Joelle, Eunice, AY etc gave me a great experience. I’ve learnt what real team work means.

Working as an intern in DiGi gave me another brand new feel. SL, SF, Janice & Joelle are among those friends that I cherish the most.

Now that I’ve started working, I have a great bunch of colleagues(CH, CH, Nic, TY, EK & GT). Hanging out with my sis’ colleagues (ML, Jane, Desmand) have been fun as well.

Nop, I’m not writting this to introduce my friends. But just to take this opportunity to say to you guys… how much I cherish our friendship. And I’m so thankful most of us still meet up every now and then for dinners…..

FRIENDS 4 EVA !!!!!!!!!

ps: forgive me if i’ve left any names. Names written are only examples…


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