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A Little Dim Sum Place

Life in KL is all about foods , shopping and of cos, night life.

Every week, I spend times with my frens, sometimes with my sis and her frens at different places in Klang valley, looking for nice restaurants that offers good foods with comfortable environments.

Last week, I went to “A Little Dim Sum Place” located at PJ SS2 and managed to capture some pictures of the foods my sis, Luan n Jane ordered.

looks more like Durian

indeed, its a mango desert

delicious mango puding

hot mango juices melt in ur mouth

My rating : 2 out of 5 stars.

Worth trying though.


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The day has finally arrived

My colleagues have been very kind. In the afternoon session, the seniors teated me Bak Kut Teh.

And from my other collgeaus, because I didn’t make it for the Genting trip, they organized another farewell for me. Or maybe they were forced by me to do so. LOL

Anyway, after work, we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant @ ss2.

We ordered quite large amount of foods…. I have hard time remembering the names, so just posting some photos of them yea

marinated beef, chicken & mutton

side dishes

and the party started.

how can Tom looked so happy on my farewell? Aren’t everyone suppose to be sad? LOL


Thankx guys!


Genting Trip cum Farewell

Here are some pictures we took during Genting trip days ago.

To be accurate, not “some” but these are the only pictures we managed to take. Sorry once again guys….

que @ skyway


all of us in a gondola

Picture Of The Day


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Siew Peng is found guilty!

After so many days of discussion, we finally came to a conclusion of going to genting as a gang-trip and maybe cum my farewell.

So, we started the day feeling great. All of us met at Kl sentral, brought direct tickets inclusive of bus + skyway + theme park that cost us RM39 per pax. While waiting for the bus to arrive, we had breakfast @ McD where I had McEgg Muffin.

We reached Genting around 12noon, checked in to hotel rooms and that’s when I started to feel butterflies in my tummy.

Yeap, I had the wrong food and that made me diarrhea for 3 times, in within an hour. Feeling very very  very very unwell, I went back to KL, unable to join them for the rest of the day.

This morning, when I came to work. I saw these in my msn list….

Michiyo is very disappointed..

Khun also

same goes to Nic

different “han yi pin ying” but also disappointed

allan is very very disapointed

Okie, I’m really guilty. Sorry again guys…. Today’s lunch @ mamak on me okie?


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