Updated – Chef Loong (龙师傅) @ ss2

15 Mar

Went back to Chef Loong at SS2 and this time, tried some other dishes.

Previously I’ve posted on Chef Loong before. You can track back the post by clicking HERE.

the signature Chef Loong xiao long bao @ RM6

pan-fried dumpling @ RM 4.20

Next is the special chee cheong fun. Why special? It’s not the ordinary one, as there’s another crispy layer underneath. Worth trying…

chee cheong fun in crispy flour @ RM4.50

Apart of Siu Loong Pau and also their signature fried mee (which was made out of flour sheets), I found another “must have” at Chef Loong. It’s the HongKong bun, made out of a layer of pineapple bun. Soooo delicious but they only offer these during weekends. If you wanna try this bun, you have to go there on weekend.

hongkong bun @ RM4.50

mango sai mai lou @ RM 5.50


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