Buffet Dinner @ PJ Hilton

12 Dec

After posting pictures on celebrities, themamakcorner is back on track .. foods! And this one will be on buffet.
My boss is so kind to come out with the idea of having an early xmas celebration among the colleagues. Each of us are required to exchange presents during the dinner.

Right after working hours, we rushed to Hilton Hotel, located at PJ. We were lucky enough as there was no jam along Federal highway, but we had difficulties looking for parkings.

Paya Serai, the restaurant of PJ Hilton is already well decorated with xmas trees.

Paya Serai @ PJ Hilton

snap-for-fun #1

snap-for-fun #2

the environment


fresh oysters

cooked prawns

the ulams

variety of sambals

Just pick the meats that you want, and the chef will grill for you on the spot. Needless say, I picked lamb.

the bbq stand

tiny cakes

choc cake

The best part was during exchanging presents. It was scary if the person gets the present that you brought, and he/she doesn’t like it. Being such a boring person, all I could think of was “choc”. I wrapped up the big box of ferrero rochelle and placed it in a nice paper bag.

exchanging presents

leo posing with his xmas present

ivan posing with santa

kim with andrew

tony with his present

amy received a set of bodyshop gifts

edisson with his present

pricilla with hers

kenny busy unwrapping his present

that’s me posing with my gift

and it’s a xmas music box

tekling & i

us posing at the lobby

I love the idea of … togetherness. And I admit, I look so silly in that green t-shirt. Maybe I was trying to pose like a Christmas Tree?


3 responses to “Buffet Dinner @ PJ Hilton

  1. Tse Min

    December 13, 2007 at 9:05 am

    Wahh.. the food presentation looks quite good. the snap for fun quite interesting. the deco nice lar…i like i like!!

  2. Luan

    December 14, 2007 at 3:56 pm

    No need to pose like Christmas Tree – you’re looking like green Christmas tree in green even without posing 🙂


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