Why Do I Feel So Insecure?

06 Aug

Just days after the news of a UTAR student being murdered shocked the whole Malaysian community, another crime appeared.

Today, while I was busy at work, my friend sent me an url, asking me to read it and if I could guess who the victim was…

Just in case you are a person who not really update yourself with latest news, here’s the link.
Singer robbed and sodomised by group of men in Klang

All these while, we thought that only girls are in the stake of danger. Now, think twice?

Where else can we hide? It’s not like we are 100% safe although we stay at home all the time.

Just a kind reminder to all my friends who are reading this.

Beware, becareful all the time.

I don’t think the authorities will be able to curb this issue in short duration.

Here are a few precautions which I personally think, are useful

(5) CAR

The 1st thing when you get on your car, lock it!

Always make sure the surrounding is safe before you get out from/ get into your car.

Prepare your key even before you reach your car. In case of emergency, you can always alarm the public by pressing the car alarm key button. (s**t, my car doesn’t even have an alarm)

(4) HP

Use cheaper HP like 3310.

Always make sure your HP has credits.

Switch to DiGi for better savings.

(3) Bag

Avoid using sling or hand bags.

Use paper bags.

(2) Laptop

Beware when you carry laptops to work, vice versa.

If you work till late, lock your laptop at office’s drawer.

(1) Personal

Never go out till late at night.


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