KL Tower – Reflection Of KL City – My 24th Bufday Celebration (V)

03 Aug

A day before my bufday, my dear told me not to wear short skirts and sandals to work the next day.

So, I was guessing…. Which place in KL does not allow you to wear those?

Yes, it’s KL TOWER!

the reservation tickets

After 2 hours of jam from Klang Valley to KL, we finally reached KL Tower at 8.30pm.

kl tower, malaysia

As I entered the revolving restaurant, I felt sleepy. The environment was comfortable with dim light and chilling air.

and they had live music, which dedicate soft and romantic musics

Lucky us, we managed to get a table with nice number, and it was by the window!

Thus, we were able to enjoy the night scene of KL.

the KLCC from KL tower

Okie, we arrived late at KL Tower. Let’s not waste time and start filling our stomaches. The buffet consisted 3 parts, the local, the western and dessert. Being a typical Malaysia, I can’t help but to start off my dinner with local foods. Lets take a peep what they offered.




What? white rice?




and telur masin?

HUh? Please don’t tell me we paid RM130++ per pax for white rice and telur masin!!

Of cos, NOT. There were alot more choices to pick from at the local “stand”.

very creative decoration of placing “ulams” on congkak

Alright, done with local. We then proceed to the western section. The dishes looked much much better except for this..

a whole lamb hung with its stomache cut. They did not hang the lamb for you to eat the meat, but for you to try the baked rice in it. Sorry, so-not my appetite.

wow, big prawns

fresh oysters


Done with main course, it’s time for desserts. The desserts were cute and creative.

even the fruits were fresh

More surprises, a present from my dear…

Thanx dear for the splendid night!


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