My Silly Little Thoughts

07 Jul

I’ve been very tired lately, insomnia for days. Blame it on the weather but that is not exactly the main reason why I’m encountering this. Turning 24 this coming August, I’ve been thinking quite alot. Yes, I guess the older you’re getting, the more burden and responsibilities you have to carry. Unlike during young, we can act stupid and childish, but still being treated as “cute”.

Children nowadays are so different from our age, they are smarter. I tried to recall my silly thoughts, decided to share them here.

(10) – I used to think shoulder-padded cloths are cool! Ewwww!!

(9) – My ambition was to be a dancer. (not the strip 1)

(8) – When I was 5, my mom packed my belongings and threw me out from my house for being lazy to kindergarden. I didnt realise that she was just pretending to teach me a leason. It was so real, my sis gave me a side of her earings. She said “if we are seperated, we will be able to recognise each other after 20 years”. Well mom, it worked. I didnt dare to skip class till f5. I’m so glad my sis didnt give me 1/2 piece of biscuit.

(7) – I thought that if I behave well enough, Santa will send me nice gifts. But every year, I only receive RM1 in my socks. (Guess Santa (my mom) should at least upgrade it to RM1o based on the higher living expenses these days)

(6) – My sis, my cousin and I held hands together when sleep. We believed that we will be able to see each other in our dreams.

(5) – We surrounded our beds with ropes in order to prevent Freddy Krueger from entering our dreams.

(4) – When I watched black & white movies, I thought that human before my century did not have colours. They are either black, white or grey.

(3) – I was very impressed with VCR. I thought whenever I insert the tape into a VCR, it’s actually connected and passing the request to TV station to play the movie. Now I understand why I ended being a programmer, instead of so many other jobs.

(2) – I love koko-krunch so much I made a vow to myself during primary that if I were a millionaire, I will spend every penny buying thousands boxes of it.

(1) – When I was a kid, I thought that artist never poo. Going to toilet to release outputs only happen on normal human being.

What bout yours?

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