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one Big Happy Family

It has been more than 7 months since I joined this company. I could still recall my very 1st day… May 15th, 2006.. I was at the pantry with 7 others, that made us 8 persons all together. Bored!

Months later, we became close and work life has been better since then (thank God).

When we 1st met each other, we were so polite that we let each other to have the last piece of cake.

But now, grab while you can!

Sadly, Allan will be leaving us… deep sob! Reality is, we were more than thrilled that we threw a farewell cum reunion dinner yesterday to celebrate his departure.

Right after work, we went to Sushi Station @ Sg Wang.

Fung trying to steal foods from Tom

Allan & Gim Them

Gim Them, Me & Eng Khun

the peace signs indicate something that only 7 of us know

wasabi or green tea ice creaM?

Picture of the day!

After dinner, we planned to walk over to Time Square for movie but we were lost in the middle of KL Town. Movie tickets were sold out, so we headed to Mont Kiara for a drink where we talked about programming, of course and some other personal stuffs.

We might not share the same interests or views in most of the issues. But we all have one thing in common. WE ALL HATE “LAP SAP TUNG” ! That’s what keep us together!!!

One Big Happy Family


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