Top Yahoo! Searches of 2006

22 Dec

 2007 approaching and the list of Top Yahoo! Searches for 2006 already released early this month.

Let’s do some fun count down!!

10th – X = female celebrities famous for not wearing undergarment

9th –   = bet u know who … every guys’ fantasy

 8th – Chris Brown = okie, he dances well

7th – Beyonce Knowles

6th – American Idol = i don’t like watching reality shows

5th – Paris Hilton = probably famous because of her role in “one night in paris”

4th – Jessica Simpson

3rd – Shakira

2nd – WWE = a bunch of guys running around wearing tight underwear …

AND THE 1st place goes to BRITNEY.. huh!

I remember I did an assignment on search engine during my 2nd year and Pammy was listed top 3. To my surprise, her position dropped even lower than the heir of Hilton empire. Hmm, sometimes, size  doesn’t matter huh? Guys are changing their taste??

For the complete list, go to :

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