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My friends’ celebrity look-alikes

Right after I posted “My celebrity look-alikes”, Allan went on trying as well. And he tested the site using others’ pictures as well. Mischievious… He then sent me the results and decided to post it in my blog. Thanx for sharing!

The outputs strongly support my idea that My Heritage is not that accurate.

Look at the pictures below and u’ll agree with me.

tom looks 66% like Jet Li

nic = 70% of Stephen Chow

Fung = 70% Chow Yun Fatt

and Allan looks 70% like Rain

…….. I guess I can skip today’s lunch. Someone pls kill me!

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My celebrity Look-alikes

I was peeping at my friends’ pages and notice alot of them posted their celebrity look-alikes photos. My Heritage offers face recognition and it’ll match look-alikes celebrities with ur face.
Why not give it a try?
So, i uploaded a picture of mine and the matches are….

It says that I look like Gillian Chung (55%). For real?


Gillian Chung & Charlene

Okie, forget about My Heritage. Obviously, it’s not accurate!


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