My 1st time …

15 Dec

I felt and still feel excited. This post is gonna be lengthy, detail and full of excitement. Cos I’m going to blog about .. about My 1st time

of attending a fren’s wedding.

I met the bride, Shek Lee more than a year ago when I worked at DiGi as an intern. It was, one of the best time I had through out my life. If u read my blog before, u’ll probably understand the reason why. Great environment with good, helpful, fun and friendly seniors. Shek Lee, is one of them.

After my intern, I continued my study but glad that I still manage to keep in touch with most of them from time to time. And early this year, Shek Lee booked me for December,9th to be one of her best maids.

Weeks before the wedding, we had a bridal shower nite at Shek Lee’s house weeks before her wedding.

me with the bride-to-be

me with Shek Lee n Shook Fun

busy making props for wedding day

isn’t it beautiful?

janice lost in action

and we had a few drinks..

I went down to Tampin on 8th Dec nite, together with Shook Fun n Joelle and we stayed at Shek Lee’s haus. That nite, we talked and made jokes but we forced ourselves to sleep early as we know we’ll be busy the next day. 9th December, marked a historical date for Khai Leng n Shek Lee.

perfect couple

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