What is wrong of being an IT student, not knowing ALL the shortcut keys?

01 Nov

I read Nic’s blog on “Because computer science students are so damn bright..” days ago and it caught my attention as I too, experienced the same. (Thanx Nic for this brilliant idea). Too be accurate, I belief most IT students have gone through what Nic or I experienced.

One good example. I was chatting online with an old fren of mine. He claimed he knows everything about laptop. I was like… OK.

So, we went chatting and everything was fine until he mention about “lybron”. Unable to understand what “lybron” really means, I asked him, hoping to know and learn more. The answer I got was “”Oh, i thought u’re from IT”.
Translate it into a more teasing manner, it sounded more like “IT wor…”
And so I said “U’re from building engineering. So, why don’t u build a house on your own?”

What is wrong of being an IT student and not knowing ALL the names for cables and wires in a CPU? or ALL the shortcut keys for ALL the applications?

Why does ppl would think to approach an IT student when they encounter some problems with the applications or hardware problems?
But why when our car break down, we never thought of asking our automobile-engineer-friend to fix the car? Size matter? Think twice! What about our handphones?

Just because u own a pc, uses Micrososft Office to do worksheets, uses e-mail to send messages, listen to MP3 using Winamp, know the prices of current RAMs…it doesnt mean u can tease ppl like.

IT is wide, divided into hardwares, sofwares, programmings, databases, multimedia etc. I dare to say that no one in this world knows everything in IT. Not even our dearly GATES. We attended classes, learnt and still elarning.

Although, I have a friend who claimed she knows all…. Hmmmmmm

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Posted by on November 1, 2006 in Gossip


One response to “What is wrong of being an IT student, not knowing ALL the shortcut keys?

  1. Joelle

    November 16, 2007 at 3:30 pm

    Hehe.. comment problem darling: IT ==> anything and everything related to computer/electronic devices. God knows then why we’d have so many departments in IT school.. since we are to know-it-all, hmm?


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