i’ve cried at least ONE LITRE OF TEARS

01 Nov

ve My exam ended days ago. Right after the exam, i felt as if i’ve got nothing to do. So, Nabil recommended me to watch one of the Japanese movies from his external disk. I was like … huH, Japanese movie? I never reali like watching Japanese movies. Reason? Simple. Those movies alwiz potrait ‘eternity love’ where the good looking hunk lives happily every after with his princess. Sorry to say but i dun belief in something called ‘eternity’.

Ok, back to the main point. So, I picked one of the movies from his collections. ..a movie called ‘One Litre Of Tears’. It’s about a gal who was diagnosed with a disease called ///\\\ ( i forgot the name of the disease). The main point is.. the story was really touching and most important is, the plot is based on a true story.

Belief me, i’ve cried through out the whole 11 episodes (non-stop)!!! My sinus kept dripping down from my nose (*disgusting huh?). I’m definately not exaggerating. Even guys cry watching this movie…. me? I’ve cried at least ‘ONE LITRE OF TEARS’ watching this movie. IT’S THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!! *deep sob* Btw, her diary was published and over 18 000 000 copies have been sold. I’m looking forward to buy it.

I’m writting this blog to recommend to u cos it realli brings strong messages on how we should appretiate our lives, friends and family.

in the end, u’ll find out that Live isn’t just whinning, complaining and comparing what car u drive or what house u live in (u know who…) Be satisfy on what u have and appretiate everyday u have with ur family and friends….

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One response to “i’ve cried at least ONE LITRE OF TEARS

  1. tokmoh

    January 30, 2008 at 4:04 pm


    Hello there, themamakcorner, I found ur blog through azlano’s blog, n what can I say, I thought I found anoder Japanese drama addict!!

    1 Litre of Tears is so far the saddest J dorama (due to the funny way of Japanese “Engrish”, it’s more commonly spelt like this). I have to say, after watching it, it made me feel thankful for every morning I wake up knowing I still have both eyes, ears, hands n legs which work normally.

    Indeed, if I were the PM, I would’ve made it compulsory for EVERY Msian to watch this dorama n start to live their own life rather than whining all the time abt how cars are bloody cheap in other countries, or how clean other countries’ governments, etc. If ppl can change their attitude that way, they perhaps would’ve realise their own ability n can have more faith in themselves. eg we have our own car designers!! We should give them support rather than ranting all the time how expensive our dream BMW or Toyota is.


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